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MAST offers a wide variety of IT solutions and services its clients. It provides them with the necessary tools in order to achieve high performance and harness the potential of new technological innovations. We help our customers adopt the newest technologies with an ultimate goal to substantially increase their productivity. Our scope of services includes:

  • Application Services: MAST offers a wide variety of application services from Elearning platforms to our custom competencies software. We can provide all type of services to match our customer needs. This way clients can gain significantly form our products while keeping their costs at a minimum. Small and medium companies are the main beneficiaries of this policy since costs for specialized software have been surging the previous years.
  • Cloud: Companies can avoid significant infrastructure costs and instead focus on their business. MAST can provide them all the computer power that they require. They can benefit from our high end technological equipment and achieve significant productivity gains while keeping costs at reasonable levels.
  • Outsourcing: We can handle a wide range of tasks for our clients. It can be HR assistance or cloud services. Our professionals will help your company grow by focusing on its core business while we handle all the menial tasks for you. Our years of experience and our highly qualified team will help you achieve your goals.
  • MAST Competencies Software: MAST has developed custom-made software that can help companies asses the skills of their staff on a wide range of skills that are deemed important by the same company. In addition if any of skills is found to be at a lower level than desired, the software directs the employ to appropriate online courses, which our offered by our company. This way the personnel of a company can be evaluated and trained at the same time and with great ease since the process is fully automated.
  • Microsoft Solutions: We can provide reliable services concerning a wide range of Microsoft products. Among the services we offer are included consultation about the proper product that fits better to each customer needs, implementation, training and support.
  • Technology Innovation: Innovation is one of the key concepts of today. It is the number one concept that helps companies increase their market share as well as their profitability. We offer assistance so that our clients can foster innovation. We help them create not only new innovative products and services but also reshape their organization.
  • E-learning Solutions: We create online platforms that can match the needs of the most demanding customer. The platforms are custom made according to the desires of our clients. They can either host your own digital material or we can create it for you. Also we have generic material that can fill the needs of most clients
  • Digital Interactive Learning Material: We create custom made digital material that can be used either in our online platforms we have already created for our clients or to any other destination that our clients prefer. The content can be made according to your needs and instructions or you can choose to customize one of our premade ones.

With our insights we can offer valuable guidance and help all type of organizations face their most crucial technological challenges.