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MAST is a consulting company with great experience in project management and proposal preparation and submission. We have provided our expertise to our clients securing funding for their projects. Our extremely qualified network of experts is able to offer high quality services to all major industries and sectors, specifically:

  • Industrial clients: We offer a wide variety of services to industrial clients. From corporate restructuring to finance services we offer complete services that can enhance the productivity increase your output while keeping your costs at check. Our experienced and wide network of professionals can face up to any task no matter how daunting it appears.
  • Health: We offer significant IT services to clients that come from the health industry. In addition we can help them secure funding from EU programmes. This way the can increase their R&D expenditure which will result in higher future growth as well as significant increase in the quality of their services.
  • Energy and Environmental services: Energy conservation, and increased efficiency our one of the major trends of today. We help companies adopt systems that can increase their efficiency of their energy consumption. One of the major principles that MAST was founded upon was securing long lasting sustainable growth for the economy and society as a whole. Through are services we aim to provide our clients the tools to achieve that.
  • ICT: One of our core businesses is providing to our clients technological solutions. So we can offer ICT companies cloud and applications services. This way we enable them to focus on their core business and keep their costs at check.
  • Education: We aim to be one of the pioneers in online education. We can provide any organization that comes from that background the tools in order to offer online courses. From digital learning material, to online platforms and e-class services you name it and we will provide it for you.
  • Sales: Our high quality consulting services can offer significant help to all companies that want to increase their sales. Our experienced consultants can offer in depth market analysis and research. We help our clients recognize their true strengths and potential. This way can capitalize on them increase their sales and gain significant market share.
  • Public sector: We can offer companies of the public sector or the public sector itself a wide range of services. We help them restructure and change the way they operate. As a result they can increase the satisfaction of citizens as well as the quality of their services. In addition we provide them with IT assistance services so that they can increase their productivity with the help of the newest technologies.
  • Municipalities: We help municipalities increase their productivity though our consulting services. In addition we have significant experience in placing unemployed people back in the job market, this way we can provide assistance in job related schemes and programmes. Moreover we can assist in preparing proposals that will secure EU funding.
  • NGOs and Institutions: With our great experience preparing and submitting proposals for funding we can help NGOs secure funding, this way we can make their work a lot easier. Project management is also one of the services we excel at. We can perform market research and market analysis this way we can help pinpoint the methods and actions that will have the best possible outcome. This will lead to achieving the goals that are set by each programme.

We offer tailor made solutions in accordance with the needs of each client. We are able to perform not only in depth analysis of each organization but also the environment in which it operates. Thus we can adapt the services we offer and we can serve all possible clients. This is also made possible by our wide network of associates.